Sunday, January 8, 2012

Creating eBooks from Edgar Rice Burroughs bibliography

Hello everybody! Being a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs I had the problem that no nicely formated eBooks can be found. The texts are free, all available on Project Gutenberg, but the eBooks I could find are without covers, no pictures and so on.

So I said to myself, why not – let me do something about it. I have started creating my very first ebook and will be publishing it here in few days. So check again soon!

If you wish to contribute, please let me know. Any help is appreciated. Especially I would be really happy if someone is wishing to create some illustrations for the books. All the work here will remain free for everyone – I do not intend to make money out of it, but to make a great piece of literature easy to read for everyone.

Please be aware that copyright laws around the world are not the same! Check the copyright laws before you download these books.

If you arrived directly to this post and ask yourself where are the books, you can find the series at this post for Barsoom and this post for Tarzan of the Apes in the BLOG.


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  2. Great job with the site! Love what you've done here - enable many hours of reading pleasure for all the world!

    Now, we can get ahead of the movies and read up the next installment of John Carter! ;-)

  3. Info: I cannot recover access to this old BLOG of mine, so I decided to duplicate it to I will only be able to update there, so please update your links. I have also changed all links, so that this blog does not work properly anymore.