Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Caspak Trilogy & Moon Maid

I have formatted also the Caspak Trilogy lately
... and the Moon Maid (all 3 books: The Moon Maid (1926), Under the Red Flag (1926) and The Red Hawk (1926) in one epub)
  • The Moon Maid (1926) English epub version, with cover (quick loading format)


  1. Thanks for all your efforts on ERB epubs! I've enjoyed reading the Barsoom series to my son. I'll be doing Caspak and Moon Main next, but also curious if you have any plans to offer the Carson of Venus series?

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  3. Info: I cannot recover access to this old BLOG of mine, so I decided to duplicate it to I will only be able to update there, so please update your links. I have also changed all links, so that this blog does not work properly anymore.

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