Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Tarzan of the Apes" series (epub format)

I have the first 21 books from the Tarzan of the Apes ready. Enjoy reading them all! Please let me know if you find any errors - I will gladly correct them.
If you wish to help me you can either:
  • Link to this Blog - especially from the books entries from Wikipedia. This will help more people discovering these books and reading them.
  • Create graphics for these books - if you are a talented graphics designer with time to spare. Just let me know if you can help and how.
Copyright remarks: please check the copyright laws for your country before downloading these books. By downloading them, you confirm respecting the laws in your country.

All that I do is to repackage the information available on Wikipedia ( or Project Gutenberg (, respectively I do my best to respect all copyright laws, if you have doubt about any image or book here, please let me know so that I can remove it, repectively replace it with a copyright free item.


  1. Just curious. Being a die-hard ERB Fan.
    Will you be adding the rest of the books in the Tarzan series as ePubs any time soon?
    How can I help?

  2. Hi, I had no requests & comments until now. So I did not invest additional time. But yes, I will be adding them soon. Do you have a wish, so that I can start with? You can only help by making this BLOG known to more people (over facebook, google+, ... for example).

  3. I was getting very annoyed with the Kobo book store - it has a dreadful search, and is fully of out-of-copyright books which people are charging for. Google brought me here in search of some nicely done ePub versions of ERB's work - with cover art - thank you :)

  4. Have you seen which has the forign legion and castaways?